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“Daylight, even worse sunshine, are definitely not the right setting for consuming the quartet's excellent debut album from Melbourne, Australia.” - Gereon Helmer, OX Fanzine
Melbourne four piece Black Bats are set to release their follow up album 'Psychic Retreat' later this year. The album ventures further into the realms of garage, punk, and western psych, delivered with a tighter and punchier focus. "If ‘Black Bats’ was crossing the desert plains, ‘Psychic Retreat’ is the seedy motel on the other side."



The Narodniks

Rhyece O'Neill and the Narodniks deliver a captivating and dark rendition of outlaw, country blues. Their third album ‘Los Diablos’ is the final instalment of a triptych of albums loosely inspired by the Hieronymus Bosch painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights”, written by O’Neill whilst working in the desert as a construction labourer. The album is journey of dark and cinematic blues, which swagger with elements of punk and country. Each track is layered with vast arrangements and textures, and delivered with an outlaw punk ethos.



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